Precision Steel Pipe

Precision pipe is charactrized by high precision dimension tolerances, and delivered in cold drawn or cold rolled, pickled, polished or bright annealed surface.

Precision steel pipe is a high-precision steel pipe material processed by cold drawing or hot rolling. Because the inner and outer walls of precision steel pipes have no oxide layer, high pressure without leakage, high precision, high smoothness, cold bending without deformation, flaring, flattening and no cracks, they are mainly used to produce pneumatic or hydraulic components, such as cylinders or The cylinder can be a seamless tube or a welded tube. The precision steel pipe has high dimensional accuracy and high precision, smooth inner and outer surface of the pipe. After heat treatment, there is no oxide film on the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe. The pipe is flared and flattened without cracks, cold-formed without deformation, and can withstand high pressure. deal with. Precision steel pipes are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, petrochemicals, electric power, ships, aerospace, bearings, pneumatic components, seamless steel pipes for medium and low pressure boilers, etc., and can also be applied to steel sleeves, bearings, hydraulics, machining, etc.

Size range:

OD: 3 to 101 mm    WT: 0.5 – 20 mm

According to the thickness, precision tubes can be divided as thick wall precision tube and thin wall precision tube


Precision steel pipe is widely used in automobile, motorcycle, electric vehicle, petrochemical, electric power, ship, aerospace, bearing, pneumatic components, seamless steel pipe of medium and low pressure boiler, and can also be used in steel sleeve, bearing, hydraulic, mechanical processing and other fields.

Production process:

Steel billet — Inspection — Heating — piercing — pickling passivation — grinding — lubrication and air drying — cold rolling — degreasing — cutting — Inspection — marking — finished product packaging

The tolerance of precision pipes:

The OD or ID +-0.2mm

Post time: Oct-15-2020